Can I include figures from textbooks in my presentation slides and share them with students through onQ?

Many textbook publishers will permit the inclusion of figures from their textbooks and instructor's manuals within presentation slides if, and only when, the textbooks have been adopted as required for the course in which the presentation slides are being used. In these cases, the presentation slides can be shared with students through the onQ course sites of the courses in which the textbooks have been adopted as required. Attribution statements or credit lines acknowledging the authors and sources should accompany figures from textbooks that have been incorporated into presentation slides. 

If the textbook has not been adopted as required for the course, a limited amount of content could be used within the scope of Fair Dealing. Please consult the Fair Dealing Requirements in the Copyright Compliance and Administration Policy

If the presentation slides are to be posted to a personal website or a publicly accessible website, permission from the copyright owners will need to be obtained. 

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