Can I share a journal article with my students through onQ?

Articles from Print Journals 

A single scanned article from an issue of a print journal would be considered a single short excerpt from a copyright-protected work which is likely to be considered within the scope of Fair Dealing. An acknowledgement of the author(s) and source should be visible on the first page of the scanned article. 

Please consult the Fair Dealing Requirements within the Copyright Compliance and Administration Policy. If the size of the short excerpt is in excess of what is described in the Fair Dealing Requirements, or multiple short excerpts are to be used from a single copyright-protected work, please contact the Copyright Advisory office to obtain permission from the copyright owner:

In order to avoid copyright infringement, faculty are encouraged to use the permission and clearance service offered by the Copyright Advisory Office. 

Articles from Library-licensed Databases

Rather than scan a printout of an article from a Library-licensed database and share it with students through your onQ course site, it would be best to link to the article via your onQ course site using the features within the database as this would be in accordance with the license agreements that Queen's University Library has in place with publishers. A direct link is the best way to ensure access to the most recent versions of articles that are available through Library-licensed databases. 

If you have questions about linking to content from Library-licensed databases, please contact the Copyright Advisory Office:

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